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Hunter Barrington has been advising private clients and arranging their assurance and investment schemes since 1986. We currently oversee more than £55,000,000 in investment funds on behalf of working investors seeking growth, retired investors seeking income and trustees and beneficiaries of inheritance trusts. We also have in place many millions of pounds in sums assured under life and income protection policies.

We commit ourselves to serving our clients’ needs and financial interests over the long term and many of our investors have been with us for 20 years or longer. We are also proud of the fact that we now also serve our clients’ children and even their grandchildren.

Hunter Barrington does not advertise and its new clients come via introductions from satisfied existing investors.

As well as having our own office and dedicated staff in Bristol, Hunter Barrington is a member (Appointed Representative) of a financial intermediary organisation, Lighthouse Advisory Services Ltd (LAS). LAS is a network of community-based financial advisory firms which provide individuals and businesses throughout the UK with solutions for their wealth management needs.

So our clients are comforted by the fact that whilst they receive personal and close attention from a small family firm, Hunter Barrington, they also have the resources of a national company in support. For their further peace of mind our investors are reassured in knowing that LAS is part of the publically quoted Quilter Group. In all its constituent parts, Quilter is one of the UK’s largest financial advisory organisations.


Hunter Barrington advises on, and arranges :

We have chosen not to advise our clients on other types of investments such as those which are bought directly from a stock market and not via a fund: publically quoted shares, Investment Trusts and Exchange Traded Funds being examples. However, where managers think fit (and potentially profitable), all of these immediately preceding types of investments may form part of our carefully selected collective funds which we offer to our clients.

Equally, we have chosen not to offer higher risk schemes such as Venture Capital Trusts, Enterprise Investment Schemes and Structured Investments.

As Hunter Barrington chooses not to advise on certain types of investment, it is deemed to offer what is called ‘restricted advice’ by our regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority. However, we must not be confused with firms which are strictly limited to arranging investments into the funds of a single company, including such companies which employ a number of external managers to run their in-house funds but still own-label their offerings. Hunter Barrington is not tied to one fund company or a circumscribed number of funds. We have access to all the major, and the smaller, fund houses and to over three thousand different funds from which we may choose in order to satisfy our clients’ needs and financial ambitions.

We do not advise on personal debts (what is called ‘debt counselling’) and Hunter Barrington does arrange mortgages and other types of loans.

When advising on or arranging funds, we remind our clients that investment is a medium to long term affair, for patient and cool-headed souls, and that the values of investment funds certainly do rise and fall. Particularly at short term price points, investment values may be lower than starting values and clients should always have available to them sufficient cash resources for their short term or emergency needs.


Barrington Mumford BA (Hons) DipFA MLIBF

Barry is the advising director at Hunter Barrington Ltd. He started his working life as a post-graduate qualified teacher and switched to financial services in 1984. He is approved as an adviser by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and holds the required professional qualifications. Barry is a member of the London Institute of Banking and Finance where he has been awarded a Statement of Professional Standing. He is also a member of the exclusive Lighthouse Pharos Club. This invitation-only group recognises members associated with the organisation who are not only the most successful in terms of their volume of trade but who also provide the highest standard of advice and service.

Barry attributes the success of Hunter Barrington to the fact that the company always puts the long-term interests of its clients and their families first and foremost.

Elizabeth Mumford

Lizzie Mumford holds an approval from the FCA to act as an administrative director of Hunter Barrington. Qualified in secretarial skills, she has been looking after our clients since 1984 and knows many of them very well. In an age where impersonal and robotised business relationships are more and more dominant in financial services, Lizzie brings a warmth and understanding which clients appreciate when dealing with us. Lizzie equally shares Hunter Barrington’s commitment to serve our clients to the best of our ability.

Kerry Mumford

Kerry Mumford also holds an approval from the FCA to act as an Senior Administrator for Hunter Barrington and she compliments Lizzie Mumford’s role in the business. Kerry achieved a higher education qualification in travel and tourism and worked in that business before joining us. She has been with the company for the past sixteen years and, amongst her other tasks, she runs the back office systems. Like Lizzie Mumford, Kerry is well-known to many of our clients and equally brings a human touch to our dealings. Kerry has an excellent reputation amongst our clients as a fixer. That is to say, when investment and assurance providers get things wrong, as sometimes they do, Kerry is very effective in putting matters right.

Abigail Hunter

Abi has been with Hunter Barrington for two years, having left school with a good crop of higher level exam grades. She is an assistant to Kerry Mumford and is highly skilled in IT and social media. With an excellent eye for detail and the ability to learn quickly, under supervision Abi takes care of some of the paperwork and electronic load which flows through the Hunter Barrington office.

Lighthouse Advisory Services and Quilter Group

Hunter Barrington Ltd is a network member (Appointed Representative) of Lighthouse Advisory Services Ltd (LAS), which is part of Quilter Group plc. LAS provides Hunter Barrington with many support services, including dealing with Professional Indemnity Insurance and with the regulatory and compliance requirements of the FCA. LAS and Quilter Group has been delivering financial solutions for many years, evidencing an ability to look after clients not just during thriving economic climates but also through more difficult times too. More than just an organisation with an esteemed reputation and a noteworthy customer base, LAS and Quilter are profoundly interested in the security of their clients’ financial futures. They are committed to delivering expected investment outcomes, within appropriate investment risk frameworks. Connecting with us as local Lighthouse advisers benefits clients in having the personal touch brought by a family firm together with the reassurance and financial resources provided by a large, supporting network.

SMART Insight and CAB IT

More and more, financial services businesses are driven by, and heavily rely upon, electronic means which need to be keep up to date in both information processing and data security developments. Hunter Barrington recognises that specialist firms deliver the best IT results for itself and its clients. For this reason, the company contracts with two independent local companies, Smart Insight and CAB IT, to deliver and to maintain the highest standard of electronic services and equipment.


Normal office hours

Monday – Friday
10 am - 5 pm

Out of normal hours, during busy daytime periods and on some holiday occasions our telephone handling service will take your call and relay messages. This service is available from 8.30 am - 6 pm Monday – Friday, except public holidays

Beyond these times our voicemail is 07971 670 646



For your protection we use a Secure Email service that encrypts any information that we send to you. The service is called "STAY PRIVATE".



The secure emails will be sent from a "@hunterbarrington.secure-comm.com" email address and will look like this:

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The first time that you receive an email from us, you will have to set up a 4-digit PIN number that you will use to open any subsequent emails. Enter a PIN number of your choice when asked.

You do not have to enter any password when asked.

The screen will automatically refresh and you will be asked to accept the email service's terms and conditions:

Subsequent emails

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Replying emails securely

We recommend that you use this system to reply to any emails that we send you that contain sensitive information. To reply to an email securely, please click the "reply" button, write your email in the space provided and click send. A copy will be stored in your secure email account. You can also send us a new email using the system.

Accessing your secure emails

You can also access your secure emails from https://hunterbarrington.co.uk and clicking on the SECURE EMAIL menu option. To access your account directly through the website, you will need to use your username or email and password, which will have been emailed to you when you received your first secure email from us. You will also have to enter your PIN. The subject of the email will be "Hunter Barrington Ltd Secure Communications Registration" and look like this:

Updating your details, password or PIN

You can click on ACCOUNT on the menu under your username at the top right of the screen to change or update your details

Still stuck?

Please call us on 01275 393020 if you need any further help. We may ask our IT provider to call you back, they may ask you to click on this link which will download a piece of software that will allow them to view your screen so that thay can see what is causing the problem.

Internet Privacy Notice

At Hunter Barrington Ltd we respect your privacy and the confidentiality of your personal information.

Who are we?

Hunter Barrington Ltd is a firm of professional financial advisers and an appointed representative of Lighthouse Advisory Services Limited, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The FCA firm registration number of Lighthouse Advisory Services Limited is 195199

Lighthouse Advisory Services Limited, are wholly, owned subsidiaries of the Lighthouse Group plc, which is part of the Quilter Group of companies.

For further details on the companies in our group, please visit https://www.quilter.com/about-us/our-brands/

What data do we collect and why?

We collect personal information about you when you use our website, contact us about products and services, visit a financial adviser or carry out transactions with us. We collect information that is necessary for the provision of financial advice and administration of the products or services you are seeking, and for legal and regulatory purposes. We also collect and use your personal information where necessary to improve our services, our business processes, and to communicate with you. For the provision of advice, we need to collect sensitive information, such as information about your health. To do this, we will ask for your consent.

We will always keep your data safe and secure, and where we share your data with other businesses to fulfil the purposes above we make sure they follow our instructions and keep your data secure. We will never sell your data, and we will not send you communications about unrelated services without your consent.

Find out more

Our full Privacy Notice, available here, holds much more information about how we collect, use and share your personal information. There is also information about the rights you have over your personal data, and how to contact us if you have any questions. Please write to:

The Office of Data Protection, Quilter Financial Planning Ltd,
Senator House
85 Queen Victoria Street

Complaints Procedure

Please click here for our complaints procedure.

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